Sex Toys In a Relationship Makes It Work Better

In this modern, more open minded times, sex toys are no longer seen as taboo and hidden away to be sold in shady stores in a black market sort of way. Dildos, for example, is a very popular sex toy which comes in an array of different shapes and sizes to ensure maximum satisfaction. Its popularity and the booming of the sex toy industry is largely due to increased exposure in the media and even in other forms of entertainment like literature.

But do these toys only really provide you with pleasure or there more it, some kind of benefit, perhaps, that we have taken for granted? What if you’re in a relationship, how does using sex toys affect your dynamic? Believe it or not, couples who are open to having a bit of play with toys benefit from it more than you’d think.

For singles, not only do you get to indulge in some pleasure, you are also getting some health benefits from it.

Stress is obviously bad for you so counter it with a release in endorphins through a nice orgasm.

If you’re looking to trim some of that belly fat, having a bit of play time burns calories! It is know that having sex actually burns a considerable amount of calories but did you know that self pleasure with a vibrator does the same thing too? Not as much as having at it for hours with a partner but it does benefit your blood circulation. Its benefits is akin to that of doing cardio workout at the gym but is so much more fun and enjoyable.

Earlier, we discussed how endorphins help fight stress. It is also good to know that they help you fight pain, both physical and emotional.

So if you’re single and looking for some good old self pleasuring, grab that sex toy and achieve an orgasm like never before and getting healthier in the process!

How about couples or people in a committed relationship? Can sex toys do a relationship some good? It may surprise a lot of people but it a huge yes.

One of the most popular benefits is that is shakes up your old couple routine in a good way! Study has shown that, the longer couples are together, the less likely they are to indulge in sexual activity or intimacy for that matter. Some people who are in a relationship whether or not they’ve been in it for some time or just recently, find it incredibly hard to express what their sexual desires truly are which results in less satisfactory sex with their partners, but lo and behold, they lose all that shyness when sex toys are introduced. Sex toys opens up new and interesting pleasures you don’t normally do with your partners. It’s one very hot thing to see your partner get off to watching you play with yourself but it’s another very pleasurable experience to let your partner do it on you. Sex toys also add a sense of having a third person in bed which surprisingly turns on a lot couple, who may actually want to explore that in the future.

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